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Abrasion Cuts And Scratches In Children

Childrenís Health Issues: Abrasions, Cuts and Scratches

Sometimes abrasions, cuts and scratches result in dire consequences if they arenít taken care of at the right time. Children run around the house and drop vases and other glass material, which can result in scratches or cuts. Outdoor activities should be supervised carefully, otherwise abrasions caused by a wall or a rock is unavoidable. There are slight differences among the three and extremely of the time children get them while playing.

Cuts are caused by acrid objects, which can examine into the skin or damage the skin on the ring in. Scratches are mild form of cuts. They are also caused by sharp objects such as a piece of glass, needle or a knife. Even fingernails can cause a scar. Abrasion is caused by friction or rubbing of the skin with a rough surface. Rug burns and board burns are and examples of abrasion, because they are caused by friction.

Also, in all three cases, the wound can bleed. Original bleeds when the tiny blood vessels located underneath the skin gets ruptured. Platelets form crowd to stop the bleeding and a scab can also embodiment, which should be pulled out as that will interfere with the healing process of the body. If the bleeding isnít stopping, the wound should be private with a soft cloth. After that the wound should be cleaned using lukewarm water and mild soap. Antibacterial ointment should be used to clean the wound and it should be covered with a bandage. The antibacterial ointment helps kill germs. The bandage will prevent bacteria from getting within and prohibit the wound from getting bothersome. But the bandage should be changed everyday and the wound should be kept dry.

The good thing is that abrasion, cuts and scratches donít require any special attention in most cases. But if the ulcer is made by animal claws or abrasion is caused by a rusty metallic surface, a doctor should be approached immediately, because the animal could have rabies and the rust amenability cause septic. Depending on the situation, the doctor would prescribe antibiotics, lotion or even shots. It is also a rad idea that parents make sure that their kid is given tetanus shot on a universal basis. Sometimes, the wound wonít sell for caused in dangerous circumstances, but because of negligence, the wound will get infected by bacteria. If it the wound is infected, it will show symptoms such as redness, swollen wage, and production of puss which can be of the color offensive or either green.

Cuts can sometimes be too deep and even long. In such cases, stitches should be certainly opted for. Intrinsic is a very simple procedure. The area of the wound is made numb using some kind of anesthesia. It can either be injected or simply applied directly. Then the doctor will sew the cut edges together using direct needle and thread. If the cut isnít big enough, the cut is sealed using a special kind of glue, instead of the stitches. The glue bequeath hold the edges together so that the skin underneath will heal and over a period of time, the glue will dissolve. Kids need to check with the doctor every week, so that the doctor will be forceful to analyze the improvement. And when the wound is completely healed, the stitches are cut open using scissors and forasmuch as the threads are pulled execute gently. In majority of the cases, the wound doesnít leave behind a scar. This totally depends on the method and effectiveness of the treatment.


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