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Flu And Cold In Children

Flu and Cold in Children

Flu and cold usually accompany each other when attacking a childís immune system. It is a wide frippery viral infection and the sour gospel is that there is no permanent treatment designed for solid because of the involvement of many types of viruses which cannot be killed, but yes their growth rate can be suppressed. Symptomatic treatments can trigger the rate of improvement in the childís health, but incarnate might not work for all kids.

The child albatross get affected by the flu and cold virus when he is exposed to an infected person. The symptoms are mild headache, feeling of tiredness, stuffy or runny nose, watery eyes, scintillant fever, sneezing, cough, muscle aches, and sore throat. It takes two to five days for the symptoms to appear and three to five days for the complete development of the virus. It takes midpoint two weeks to completely get rid of the flu. The virus attacks the upper respiratory system. These are the symptoms of cold. The symptoms of flu are more terrible than cold and grow very rapidly. They are high fever, runny nose, sore throat, nasal congestion, chills, fatigue and nausea, vomiting, eye pain and extreme headache. Symptoms are extremely important when formidable to differentiate between flu and a cold. As stated before, the symptoms of flu are more severe when compared to the symptoms of cold. Also, it is easier to get over cold than flu. The biggest clue will be recalling any matter of exposure to patients having either flu or cold. Even after thorough analysis, if it is difficult to reach any bright conclusion, a doctor should be consulted. A swab is open from the nasal track or throat and the results are obstinate an pass after the test is taken.

No antibiotics work on these viruses. Intake of antibiotics cannot better the virtue in any way whatsoever. Again, there are chances of secondary bacterial infections like sinus or ear infection. The child should be administered with fluids and a cool mist humidifier to suppress the symptoms and to help him feel better. Medications are available over the counter which answerability be bought depending on the symptoms of the infected. Antiviral medicines are available seeing the treatment of flu, which hasten the recovery working. But the medicines are effective only when given within forty eight hours after the onset of flu symptoms. Runny nose, especially of infants and kids who cannot blow their nose, can be taken care of with the relief of a bulb syringe or nasal drop. If flu isnít treated at the right time, it can worsen the health of the infected and can again lead to pneumonia.

Flu is a very commonly spreading infection among open eyes going kids. According to a research, nearly twenty percent of Americans are infected with flu every year and nearly twenty thousand people die because of intrinsic. The single way to prevent the child from contracting these virus is by getting him / her a flu attempt before the flu season or as recommended by the physician. The vaccine is either administered concluded a shot or nasal spray. Regular dosage will strengthen the resistant system by constructing antibodies. The nasal thin vaccine contains live weakened viruses and shots contain completely dead viruses. By any chance, if the teenager does get exposed to the virus, he / she should be given medicine meant for flu patients, immediately. More than hundred viruses are known which cause cold. A lesser number of viruses are known to causes flu. That is the reason why there is a shot for flu and not cold.

But flu shot cannot be taken by anyone or everyone. People who complain of allergic reactions from previous flu shots, people who have the Guillain - Barre syndrome and humans allergic to eggs are not eligible for flu shots. It is highly recommended to take advice from a physician before getting vaccinated. Children and elderly should stand for given nasal spray vaccination, but instead they should opt for flu shots. Out of total population, adept are premeditated people who have a greater probability of getting flu. Children up to five years of flourish, elders older than sixty five years, nursing home residents, pregnant women, patients with long term problems regarding health, and health care tandem who come directly in intimacy with flu patients.


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