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Pinworms In Children

Pinworms in Children

Pinworms develop as a result of unhygienic habit of not washing hands before having food. They are small worms who resemble to small thread pieces and cause itching in the anus area. Pinworms infect humans only and reside in the intestines. Every school going kid encounters this obstacle at one time or the other. They can touch another kid infected reserve pinworm or an object having the eggs of the pinworm.

The eggs of the pinwormís eggs get on the fingernails and that why it is a good concept to wash the hands regularly. If the food is eaten without washing hands, these eggs go inside the body, by the digestive system. In the small intestine, the eggs hatch and the pinworms move towards the sizeable intestine. There, they cling onto the walls of the intestine and stay there for few weeks to mature. After that the female pinworms go towards large intestineís top to lay eggs eventual the anus region. Usually the eggs are laid at night and that is the allotment when the area itches. It takes single to two months time period after the consumption of the eggs, for the progress of the pinworms who lay new eggs. The eggs get hatched on the anusís skin and the baby pinworms will crawl inside the body in order to grow.

Pinworms eggs are found anywhere like on the kitchen counter, ground desk or groundwork. They are also found on utensils, clothes and towels. When outside the human body, the eggs can vital up to two weeks. Within that time period when they are maniacal, adept is a chance to enter the human body and flourish. Pinworms are contagious and can spread from one human to another. Also they can spread by air for the eggs are lightweight and the wind can blow them and they can be breathed in or swallowed by anyone. The child can intake more eggs when he scratches his bottom and doesnít wash his / her hands immediately.

Children infected stow away pinworms can see worms in their let out after they pass and even on the underwear. The worms look like small white threads. But the eggs arenít visible to the naked eyes. If the child observes these symptoms he / she should inform the adults about the condition. The itching caused by pinworms can be inasmuch as bad that it can wake the child in the middle of the night and make him / her squirm. The doctors usually prescribe some medicine to kill the pinworms. The doctors also take samples from underneath the fingernail and the anus to check for eggs. The medicine will take about two weeks to get rid of the worms completely. If the itching is very irritating and wakes the juvenile in the middle of the witching hour, a cream is prescribed by the doctor. Sometimes other members of the house leave also exemplify asked to take the same medicine as a precautionary measure. The parents should wash all the clothes, towels and sheets used by the pinworm infected child.

The best way to deal with pinworms is taking precautionary steps in the first place. The child must cultivate a habit of washing hands before eating food, after using the bathroom and after playing outdoors. The fingernails should also be clipped regularly to not to allow eggs depositing experienced. The eggs also hang onto garments, so it is a good habit to change underwear daily. And other clothes should be washed after every few days.


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